Turf for Landscaping in Melbourne


Better Exteriors offer both synthetic and natural turf to add a softer element to your Melbourne landscapes. Our synthetic version is manufactured to international accredited standards, whereas our natural turf is grown by leading Australian growers on farms under ideal conditions.

Both kinds of turfs (or turves) have their own qualities and advantages. Synthetic is hardy and can be used or played on at any time, no matter what the weather conditions. It’s relatively low maintenance, as it doesn’t require mowing. It’s also pesticide-free, making it an environmentally friendly option.

Natural turf also does its bit for the environment, reducing erosion and suppressing dust with its shoot density and root mass. It also has a cooling effect on hot days, with lawns cooler than asphalt by 30 degrees and cooler than bare soil by 14 degrees. It purifies any water that passes through its root system, reducing pollution from run-off.

Natural or synthetic, both kinds of turf offer the benefit of a lush green carpet that’s uniform and ready to lay down right away, creating an instant and neat landscape in the field or backyard.

To find out more about both varieties of turf for your Melbourne backyard, click on the images.

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