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High performance, deformable, fast setting and hydration two-component cementitious adhesive for ceramic tiles and stone material.


Particularly suitable for the installation of stone material that is moderately unstable to moisture and requires a rapid drying of the adhesive. Suitable for bonding floors subject to heavy traffic. Because of its extraordinary bonding and fast-setting characteristics, Granirapid is particularly suitable for rapid re-tiling jobs and flooring that has to be in service within very short time (supermarkets, industries, hospitals, airports, swimming pools, etc).
Available Colours: Grey and White.

planicrete sp

Multipurpose latex additive for mortar and cementitious adhesive. For the preparation of high performance mortar, screeds and renders.


Screeds and levelling compounds with high-resistance for interior and exterior use. Cement renders for interior and exterior.
Cement slurry with high adhesion for bonding new screed on to existing screeds and concrete.
Cement-motar adhesive for exterior and interior bonding ceramic tiles on walls and floors.
Modifying cement mortars that have to be applied in thin layers.

Keraflex Maxi 1
Keraflex Maxi S1

High-performance deformable cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time for ceramic tiles, particularly recommended for laying large porcelain and natural stone tiles (thickness of adhesive from 3 to 15 mm).

Interior and exterior bonding of natural stone materials, provided they are not sensitive to moisture.

Coverage rate:  3-4 sqm per 20 kg bag

Map Green
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