Miteq Sealers & Cleaners

Miteq Sealer 103

Sealer 103 can be applied by means of airless spray, roller or low-pressure spray. For spray applications ensure that pump seals are solvent proof. Impregnation is correctly completed when the substrate surface is evenly coated with the impregnation solution. Do not allow the material to pool on the surface. If necessary, apply two light even coats to achieve full coverage. Coverage will depend on the substrate to be treated. Area to be treated should be evaluated by the contractor prior to application to evaluate exact quantities required.

Test all surfaces to be treated prior to full application to ascertain any change in condition or colour of the surface caused by the impregnation solution. The hardening period is affected by ambient temperature. Ideal application temperatures are between +10 and +25 C.

Masonry Cleaner 304

Miteq Cleaner 304 is an especially designed acid cleaner based on phosphoric & nitric acid for the removal of solubilised metal salts on ceramic and masonry surfaces.


Apply Cleaner 304 uniformly to dampened surface using a nylon brush or stiff broom. Do not allow surface to dry.
Rinse repeatedly while brushing to remove the cleaner and other loose material. Neutralize with alkaline detergent, particularly indoors.
Always test a small area prior to commencement to ascertain the effect of the cleaner on the surface.

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