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Bluestone, a natural stone (also known as basalt) is a common feature throughout the Australian landscape and has become a fixture in our architecture and city streets.

Offering impressive slip and scratch resistance, bluestone tiles and pavers are an ideal choice for residential and commercial use in Melbourne. With scope for interior and exterior applications, these pavers’ hard-wearing nature and sophisticated looks make them a natural choice for commercial, domestic and civil projects.

Better Exteriors & products in this stone transcend design trends with their rich colour, lifelong strength and attractive texture giving them a timeless appeal.

Better Exteriors source this stone from two quarries, which we sell under the names GRAPHITE AND CARBON:

  • GRAPHITE – this is blue grey in colour with just enough fissures and vesicles to have very similar characteristics to Victorian bluestone.
  • CARBON – though quite similar to the Graphite, its main difference is in the colour toning which is more of a charcoal grey with smaller micro-holes and generally less ‘cats’ paw”.

Both of our bluestone tiles and pavers are available in the following finishes:

  • Sawn – the stone is sawn and very lightly honed to just remove any noticeable saw marks
  • Honed – the stone surface has a smoother finish and colour is significantly darkened
  • Sandblasted – the surface is sandblasted to create a subtle textured finish
  • Brushed – the surface is brushed to give a subtle textured finish between sandblasted and flamed
  • Bush Hammered – the surface is mechanically hammered to give a heavily pitted finish
  • Custom – available in various surface finishes such as flamed, sandblasted, brushed, etched and grooved as well as various sizes and edge treatments

Click here to view: Bluestone Paving Standard Sizes

The beauty of choosing bluestone for your next project lies in the uniqueness of each individual piece. No two tiles are the same and this lends a character and distinctiveness that’s not easily attainable in other products. Choose our bluestone tiles and pavers for your landscaping project in Melbourne and across Australia – you won’t be disappointed!


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