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Choosing the Right Grout Colour for Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

When it comes to grouting glass mosaic pool tiles, it’s crucial to choose a suitable grout colour to ensure the final result complements your pool or spa. While many believe that blue grout is best suited to blue mosaic tiles, and green grout is best used with green tiles, using the same colours can in fact detract from the look of the tiles. To ensure your tiles remain the main feature of your pool, neutral grout colours should be used.

If your glass mosaic tiles are white, or if white is featured within the blend, white grout (Mapei Keracolor FF or Ultracolor Plus 100 White) is strongly recommended. A great example of this is the “Santorini” combination. As it incorporates white colours, white grout complements it perfectly.

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Santorini Santorini
Lankawi Lankawi
Maldives Maldives

There are also some blue and green tiles that feature white within their patterns, such as Aqua Mosaic “Langkawi” and “Maldives”. White grout is also recommended for these pool tiles, helping to make the blends look even more impressive in your pool.

If you’re unsure which colour grout is best, it’s usually safest to choose a neutral colour(Mapei Keracolor FF, Ultracolor Plus Manhattan 110, or Silver Grey 111). As neutral colours, they usually work quite well to complement most glass mosaic tiles.

Corfu Tenerifebelize Corfu Tenerifebelize
Tenerife Tenerife
Belize Belize
Amazon Amazon
Daintree Daintree
Forest Forest

However, some exceptions to this do exist. For instance, when using dark blue tiles, or a blend that includes dark blue colours (such as “Byron”, “Corfu”, “Tenerife” and Belize”), you can either use a neutral coloured grout or opt for a blue one such as colour 172 Space Blue (Mapei Ultracolor Plus range).

Meanwhile, dark green tiles and combinations such as “Amazon”, “Avocado”, “Daintree” and “Forest” are best-suited to medium grey colour grouts such as Mapei Keracolor FF or Ultracolor Plus 112 Medium Grey. Using green coloured grout is not recommended.

Cathedral Cathedral
Onyx Onyx
Midnight Midnight

For black and grey mosaic glass tiles, such as “Cathedral”, “Onyx” and “Midnight”, we recommended an in-between medium or dark grey grout such as Mapei Keracolor FF, Ultracolor Plus 112 Medium Grey, or 114 Anthracite. Black grout should not be used with black tiles or black blends, as the lack of contrast can lessen the impact of the tiles.

And remember – while the grout colour you choose may not be a feature of your pool or spa, it can vastly help to better express the glass mosaic tiles, thus helping to achieve the right finish for your Melbourne pool.

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