Limestone Pavers

  • Limestone
    Alsace Sandblasted
  • Limestone
    Ardenne Sandblasted
  • Limestone
    Ardenne Tumbled
  • Limestone
    Ardenne Dark Tumbled
  • Limestone
    Ardenne Dark Rustic
  • Limestone
    Normandy Tumbled
  • Limestone
    San Remo Tumbled
  • Limestone
    San Remo Rustic

Better Exteriors offer a range of limestone from around the world in contemporary colour tones and textures. Proven in construction for thousands of years, our premium limestones are sourced for their robust yet subtle and fresh palette sort by leading designers. Our exciting new range of limestone pavers provide, from the moment they are laid, a distinguished and aged appearance.

Alsace Sandblasted – creamy and textured with an aged appearance
Ardenne Sandblasted – gentle mix of light silver to cream with aged mottling
Ardenne Tumbled – light to mid grey with a brown undertone
Ardenne Dark Tumbled – mid grey with a subtle mottling
Ardenne Dark Rustic – darker grey tones with a multiple textured leather softness
Normandy Tumbled – classic light cream colour tones
San Remo Tumbled – light beige and bronze with a classic limestone look
San Remo Rustic – beige to bronze with a combination of treatments to lend an aged patina

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