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Sandstone natural stone pavers are formed from sedimentary rock over hundreds and thousands of years at the bottom of oceans, beaches and within riverbeds. The colours of natural sandstone, which are very rich in texture, are determined by the cementing material

Better Exteriors stock a comprehensive range of natural stone pavers in our rustic hand split finish, or our more contemporary honed finish. Our sandstone products include square and rectangular paving, square edge and rebated square edge coping, as well as more traditional bullnose coping.

We offer modern honed finish sandstone in a wide range of standard colours, with some of the most popular varieties listed below:

  • Arctic – very popular in current modern, clean minimalist landscape design, this hard sandstone comes in a rare pure white colour with occasional slightly darker banding to add character.
  • Simpson – the classic sandstone look of beige tones interspersed with subtle banding
  • Kimberley – like Simpson in toning but with very distinct dark banding and patterns which make it more of an eye grabber that stands out in a landscape. Many clients say that each piece looks like an individual work of art!

Our natural stone pavers also offer versatility, and can be used as cladding as well as flooring. Also, as with our other products, we can customise and cut your tiles to fit your particular specifications. Sandstone is hard wearing and ages well, and will not fade or discolour. It is suited to both formal elegant landscapes as well as more relaxed natural surrounds.

NOTE: Better Exteriors strongly recommend that all sandstone coping that’s used around a salt water swimming pool be dip sealed (all faces and edges sealed) with 40 SK consolidating sealer prior to installation. For more information go to Dry Treat’s website or contact us.

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