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Our Natural LedgeStone Cladding range adds an organic architectural element to every landscape. The rugged, solid look of our unique product range works in perfectly with both feature walls and retaining walls.

The Natural LedgeStone Cladding range is available in various tones and textures inspired by the Australian outdoor lifestyle that allows harmonious blending with other landscaping materials:

  • Hotham – A schist with uniform tonings of whitish grey and light beige that is versatile due to its neutral look
  • Otway – Split slate with charcoal and rust colouring to complement darker stone paving
  • Kakadu – A split slate similar to Otway but with softer more pastel tonings
  • Noojee – A split slate predominantly blue/grey with some minor soft rust colouring
  • Thredbo – A blue/grey schist with subtle white banding

Hotham-ZtileOur Natural LedgeStone Cladding range is hand split on the surface and sides, but sawn on the bottom to allow easy application with a suitable adhesive to the substrate. Our unique interlocking z-tile 600×200 panels with a thickness of 20-40mm allow to achieve a look akin to true freestanding dry stone walling as built by an experienced stonemason, with the added benefit of quick and easy installation. This can either save considerable money on installation costs or allow DIY installation for the home handy person.

To assist in any finishing detailing we also provide interlocking corner units and capping pieces.

Better Exteriors’ range of capping is available in the same stone as LedgeStone walling to complement and finish your clad wall where required.

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