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Glass Mosaic Pool Tile Mounting Issues

Glass Mosaic Pool Tile Mounting Issues 1

Glass mosaic tiles add an almost other-worldly beauty to pools, and furthermore the glass doesn’t absorb other substances – a plus when it comes to withstanding the chemicals or algae that can mar many finishes, but a challenge to those trying to adhere the tile to the shell.

For this reason, achieving the most contact possible between the back of the tiles and the thin-set adhesive is crucial. Australian standards state that the exposed glue and mesh-free areas of the back of individual mosaic glass tiles should be a minimum of 80%. Some international standards are stricter, requiring a minimum 95% coverage of the back of the tile.

This is virtually impossible to achieve with any rear mounted systems such as mesh. Often, too much netting adhesive is applied at the time of sheeting at the factory. As the netting adhesive is usually a water soluble PVA that disappears under constant immersion, it can interfere with the real job of the tile adhesive, to bond the tiles into position, adding to the issue.

Aqua Mosaic Mounting System

Aqua Mosaic tiles are face mounted with a specialised perforated plastic film. We do not use any rear mounted systems such as mesh. With face mounting, we can guarantee 100% back surface coverage. Mesh backed products can often have too much glue with the mesh, not allowing enough adhesive to touch the actual glass tile. Furthermore, mesh glues are usually cheap and PVA based, dissolving in water or expanding and swelling as an insoluble white gel; the result is eventual failure of the adhesive bond and tiles falling off.

Glass Mosaic Pool Tile Mounting Issues 2
Other advantages of Aqua Mosaic’s face mounted system include:
  • Film is easily removed once adhesive has bonded
  • Film protects and keeps glass mosaic pool tiles clean
  • Clear film allows tile to be visible at all times, allowing easy adjustment of individual mosaics if required by cutting through the plastic where appropriate

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