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Grey Colour Paving

Grey Colour Paving

For quite some years now there has been a strong movement towards the use of grey colour toned pavers by landscape designers and key specifiers. The colour is extremely complimentary to the green tones of soft landscaping around it and helps lend an overall relaxed feel to the finished landscape.

Furthermore, grey tones give a neutrality to the paving, thereby not making it a standout feature in the landscape but helping it blend with all other aspects of the landscape and flow in harmony with them. Traditionally in Melbourne, designers have used the blue/grey colours of Sawn Bluestone for this effect, more so now that premium grade imported product such as Better Exteriors’ Graphite has become more cost effective without sacrificing quality versus locally quarried product. This has also allowed this material, traditionally the domain of high-end projects, to be used by all. In a similar fashion, grey granite such as Better Exteriors’ Urban Grey and Ash Grey in an exfoliated (flamed) or sandblasted finish has also been used for the same reasons.

Although extremely robust and hard wearing, both bluestone, and to a lesser degree granite, does get hot underfoot in the Australian sun, and can also in some landscapes look too uniform and clinical to an extent. Also, as the bluestone and granite quarries have started to become exhausted, the search for consistent and quality material is becoming more difficult, as a result causing prices to rise more rapidly than ever before.

But a solution has been found and has been widely accepted by landscape designers; grey limestone. Better Exteriors’ have introduced over the years several different options of grey tone limestone after consultation with landscape designers and key specifiers. Popular amongst them are our Ardenne Limestone and more recent Claremont Limestone. These materials impart a softer and warmer grey tone and feel versus other materials and remain cool underfoot due to the lack of iron content within the stone. Longevity of supply will also assure stable pricing over the years to come. Equally at home in both traditional and contemporary landscapes, Better Exteriors Grey Limestone range has proven itself in several award-winning landscapes.

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