How To Ensure Your Tiles And Pavers Last Main

How to Ensure Your Tiles and Pavers Last

Now that you’ve completed your paving project, you can sit back and admire the beautiful landscape you’ve put together. To keep it looking as great as it does now, you’ll have to do just a little maintenance work; the effort will pay off through your paving retaining its natural and timeless beauty.

Bluestone, granite and travertine pavers are very popular amongst landscapers for their durability in a variety of weather conditions and resistance to dirt and staining. Having weather resistant paving is a valuable quality considering Australia’s climate and is one of the reasons why you’ll often see natural stone cladding and pavers in Melbourne and Sydney homes.

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Keep It Clean

Despite its hard wearing qualities, even natural stone can’t evade the inevitable contact with footwear, dust, spills and such. If you do have to clean your paving because dirt has accumulated or there are stains on the surface, you need not worry; the cleaning process is straightforward, economic, requires little effort and doesn’t require expensive equipment. The best way to simplify the cleaning process is to remove stainsas soon as they’re spotted. The longer you leave stains on the surface of pavers, the greater the chance of residual marks being left.

When it comes to maintaining your paving, prevention is the best cure. The first good habit you can regularly apply involves basic cleaning steps such as sweeping and washing your pavers and tiles. By having routine cleaning, you’ll be removing the dirt that inevitably accumulates, particularly on outdoor paving. If noticeable marks or stains do occur, they can be cleaned without the use of harsh chemical cleaners. Basic household cleaners are usually enough to remove stains and marks, whether on coarser concretepavers or more delicate travertine. Detergent, baking soda, white vinegar and bleach will all do an excellent job on removing dirt and stains. Always spot check an inconspicuous area first as chemicals such as bleach can lighten the colour of concrete pavers.

How To Ensure Your Tiles And Pavers Last 2
Keep It Sealed

Using a quality sealing product is a good way to ensure stains and marks don’t become ingrained and penetrate the surface of your paving. When you’re installing your pavers and tiles, consider using a quality sealing product such as Dry Treat sealers. Along with providing great protection from surface stains, Dry Treat sealers will also protect against water damage, efflorescence (salt staining), and spalling (surface deterioration due to environmental factors, such as salt chlorinated pools). Sealers are straightforward to apply and are an essential tool for DIY landscapers. If you choose to have your sealers applied by an accredited Dry Treat applicator, you’ll be able to get a written performance warranty.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be keeping your paving projects sparkling and clean. With minimal effort and at little to no cost, you can keep your tiles and pavers stain free for years and years to come.

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