Italian Porphyry Pavers – Bringing European Style to Australian Homes

Italian Porphyry PaversRemember that paved area you had in the backyard when you were growing up, how drab and boring it looked? If you’re planning to create a paved entertaining area in your own backyard, don’t repeat the mistakes of those who came before you. Better Exteriors specialises in the supply of fresh and dynamic pavers that bring a touch of European style to homes and yards across Australia. No longer do you need to worry about showing your family and friend to an outdoor area that doesn’t look suitable for entertaining. With our stylish and sophisticated Italian Porphyry pavers, you’ll be able to put together a fun and fresh entertaining space that everyone can enjoy.

The Appeal of Italian Porphyry

Better Exteriors is a leading supplier of the Porfido Trentino range of Italian porphyry pavers, which have been sourced directly from Italy. You’ll find a great collection consisting of cobbles, crazy pave and filetti – every single option capable of enhancing the visual appeal of any paved area.

Italian Porphyry is an igneous (volcanic) rock that features large crystals such as quartz or feldspar. In addition to its visual appeal, the rock is renowned for its superior physical characteristics. Italian Porphyry is largely celebrated for being notably hard wearing, non-slip, and capable of resisting the likes of frost, salt and acid. In fact, the more you expose porphyry to elements such as rain, snow, frost and sun, the better it holds up in the outdoors!

Ideal for Almost Any Indoor and Outdoor Floor Surface

Our Porphyry pavers, manufactured in and sourced from the north of Italy, lead the pack as one of the hardest wearing landscape paving materials available. This means that they are ideally suited to indoor and outdoor areas alike. A great commercial product, porphyry is equally at home with its natural colour range in any domestic environment. With the free flowing ability of porphyry to withstand the elements, now’s as good a time as any to discover the beauty of Italian porphyry for yourself.

Porfido Trentino Crazy Pave 20-40 mm

Type:     Porphyry
Finish:    Natural cleaved
Size:       Random
Sourced & manufactured in ITALY

Porfido Trentino Cobbles

Type:     Porphyry
Finish:   Natural cleaved
Size:     100x100x40-60 mm
Sourced & manufactured in ITALY

Porfido Trentino Filetti

Type:     Porphyry
Finish:   Natural cleaved
Size: Split sided free length shards 150-300 mm long x 60-100 mm wide x 30-50
Sourced & manufactured in ITALY

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Don’t just settle for any singular, lifeless colour or design when it comes to selecting pavers for your outdoor entertaining area. Choose pavers with personality similar to your own that still complement the surrounds of your property. Visit Better Exteriors today to discover our range of Italian Porphyry pavers!

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