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One of the first considerations when building a new swimming pool or renovating and existing swimming pool is what pool coping do I need ? Pool coping is the material that will be installed around the edge of the pool, and it is what sets the tone for the rest of the paved area and look of the completed landscape. Pool coping can come in a huge range of natural stone options, textures and profiles. Furthermore consideration not only has to be given to the aesthetics of the coping, but also its ability to be fit for purpose with regarding to slip resistance when it is wet, heat retention in the sun, and durability from pool chemicals, particularly in the case of a salt chlorinated swimming pool (salt safe). Some materials tick all the boxes with a consumer but do not meet Australian Standards for resistance to salt attack, these materials can still be treated with a specialty consolidating sealer to assist in this area; this is generally the case for sandstone and some limestone. Better Exteriors’ Ardenne limestone is the exception to this rule, it not only being popular due to its on trend soft grey tones, ability to remain cool underfoot in direct sun due to a low iron content, but also robust enough to be naturally salt resistant !

The main profiles that a coping edge comes in is the traditional 180 degree round bullnose, the more contemporary square edge where the edge is finished as the top surface with a small bevel on both edges, and the most popular rebated square edge or ‘drop face’ coping, where the face drops down, usually 60 mm to 80 mm, to crate a smart, solid look on the pool edges and hide any mortar or caulking on the underside of the coping. At Better Exteriors we can provide a myriad of off the shelf stock options, or often provide tailor made sizing, profiles and finishes that are project specific; these custom orders are done at industry benchmark lead times & pricing.

So as you can see, it is a very important decision in the swimming pool design & landscape process on what coping you should choose. The decision to install a swimming pool is a large financial outlay that can not only bring a great lifestyle result for the whole family, but can really add value to your primary home asset. We understand this at Better Exteriors, and our professional staff, large product range and state of the art showroom can help you make the right decision with not only your pool coping, but also your paving, pool tile and stone cladding requirements !

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