Social Responsibility In The Natural Stone Supply Industry

Social Responsibility in the Natural Stone Supply Industry

The quarrying and manufacturing of natural stone isn’t always kind to the environment, with valuable resources stripped away from the earth, not to mention the damage it can cause to surrounding ecosystems. With more and more people becoming environmentally aware, there’s now an expectation for natural stone suppliers to source their materials in a more responsible and environmentally-friendly way. This blog post take a quick look at some of the ways Better Exteriors is promoting social responsibility within our industry.

Promoting Sustainable Manufacturing

While stone is a natural product, the manufacturing processes required aren’t always sustainable. At Better Exteriors, we source our natural stone from sustainable manufacturers who invest in the latest technologies. We also prioritise the sourcing of local stone where possible. This reduces the distance it needs to be transported as well as lowering carbon emissions and producing less waste.

Improving Recycling Practices

Natural stone is one of the few products that can be endlessly recycled and reused again and again for various purposes. By promoting the recycling of natural stone, we can prevent raw materials from being used unnecessarily, helping to cut down on carbon emissions and reduce damage to the environment.

Reducing Demand for Virgin Resources

By offering durable and long-lasting natural stone options, Better Exterior is helping to reduce the demand for virgin resources. When properly maintained, our natural stone products are capable of lasting up to 100 years.

A Trusted Destination for Sustainable Natural Stone

Better Exteriors is proud to be a trusted destination for sustainably sourced natural stone in Australia. Contact our team today to find out more about our products or our commitment to sustainability.

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