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What is Green Landscaping & Hardscaping & Why Should You Consider It?

Green landscaping and hardscaping is about more than just planting trees or having a green turf. It’s about designing and creating sustainable spaces that use organic materials, nurture wildlife, reduce pollution, conserve resources, and provide other environmental benefits. More people than ever before are making their landscaping and hardscaping greener for these reasons without sacrificing on aesthetic appeal. This blog post contains more information about why you should consider it for your property.

Protects & Preserves the Environment

One of the biggest reasons why people consider green landscaping and hardscaping is to protect and preserve the local environment. Choosing native plants that are naturally adapted to the region can make a large difference, because they require less time and resources to maintain. Permeable pavers can also help water better flow into sewers and bodies of water. Not to mention reductions in water and pesticide use saves money in the long run. It also encourages the growth and health of surrounding wildlife.

Improves the Health, Appeal & Value of Your Property

Green landscaping and hardscaping is increasingly thought of as the responsible way to create an outdoor space. It can look just as impressive visually while increasing appeal and adding significant value to the property. In addition, green spaces are great places for friends and family to spend time because there are fewer concerns about nasty substances that can be inhaled or absorbed.

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