A Guide To Choosing Pool Coping (1)

A Guide to Choosing Pool Coping

If you’re in the process of building a new pool or renovating an existing one, it’s important to think carefully about the pool coping you choose. Pool coping refers to the material that surrounds the edge of the pool, and it can be a large contributor to the look and style of your pool area. This blog post from Better Exteriors details a few handy hints to help you make the right decision for your pool.

Select Your Preferred Pool Coping Material

Pool coping is available in an extensive range of stone options, which can make your decision tough. In addition to picking an option that looks good and suits the space, it’s also vital to choose pool coping that’s practical and fit for purpose. The pool coping you select should be slip resistant, heat retaining, and durable. It must also meet certain Australian Standards to ensure it can withstand salt attack. If you have a preference for sandstone or limestone pool coping, a special sealer can be used to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Choose a Pool Coping Profile

In addition to the pool coping material, you’ll also need to select the profile of your pool coping. You can usually find pool coping in one of the following profiles:

  • 180 degree round bullnose
  • Modern square edge with top & bottom 3 mm bevel
  • Rebated square edge ‘drop edge’

At Better Exteriors, we stock all of these profiles as well as plenty of other alternatives, providing you with custom options to meet your size, profile and finish requirements.

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