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Taking a Look at Victoria Blue Bluestone

At Better Exteriors, we’re proud to bring our customers a new bluestone – we call it “Victoria Blue”. We keep in stock the sawn finish, but honed, waterjet, sandblasted and brushed finishes can be provided as a custom order.

Victoria Blue is an imported bluestone that has very similar characteristics to Bamstone (an Australian bluestone), including an almost identical colour, structure of cat-paws and appearance.

What’s the Difference Between Victoria Blue & Bamstone?

For Victoria Blue bluestone, there are shorter lead times for custom orders. Your project can be priced in less than 24 hours, plus it is almost two times cheaper, popular sizes are kept in stock, and you can benefit from our attentive customer service.

Victoria Blue bluestone can be used to make cobblestone, crazy pave, and modular paving. All of these shapes will have an almost identical resemblance to the original Australian bluestone which is often used for projects in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Why Choose Bluestone from Better Exteriors?

Bluestone is a volcanic rock created over millions of years. There are many uses of bluestone, as it lasts a long time regardless of wear and tear, and it can be used inside or outdoors. Our range of bluestone in Melbourne is second to none, with a variety of sizes, finishes and profiles available to choose from. We can tailor your bluestone tiles for specific needs, and we always offer competitive pricing and fast service.

What Are the Benefits of Bluestone?

  • Tough and durable – Bluestone’s hardwearing nature comes from the fact that it’s such as hard stone, which means that it lasts for a long time when used indoors or out.
  • Little maintenance – There’s very little maintenance needed to keep bluestone in top condition especially if stone is sealed.
  • Neutral hues – Bluestone’s neutral hues mean that it goes with virtually anything, from indoor furnishings to outdoor pools and gardens.
  • Versatile – Bluestone can be used for a variety of designs, from traditional to modern.
  • Use indoors or outdoors – Use bluestone indoors for flooring or outdoors for paving.
  • Slip safe texture – You’re safe from slipping when you use bluestone.
  • Cost-effective – Bluestone is an affordable addition to any home.

Get Victoria Blue Bluestone from Better Exteriors Today

If you’re looking for top-notch bluestone that doesn’t break the bank, discover the Victoria Blue bluestone available from Better Exteriors. Got questions about bluestone? Call our team today on (03) 9888 5488.

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