Our range of cobblestones, sourced from Europe and other parts of the world, offer a hard wearing and textured look suitable for driveways, curved designs and any other paved areas to impart a classic European style. Hand split, all our cobbles come with matching stone paving for design continuity.

Stock Sizes
  • Alba Cobbles Split all 6 sides 100×100 mm, thickness 15-30 mm
  • Alba Cobbles Split all 6 sides Random Length 350-550×100 mm, thickness 30-50 mm
  • Alba Cobbles Tumbled 100×100 mm, thickness 20 mm
  • Bluestone Cobbles Split all 6 sides loose 100×100 mm, thickness 40-50 mm
  • Bluestone Cobbles Split all 6 sides on mesh 400x400x30 mm
  • Lugano Cobbles Natural Cleaved all 6 sides 100×100 mm, thickness 40-60 mm
  • Porfido Trentino Cobbles Natural Cleaved  all 6 sides 100×100 mm, thickness 20-40 mm
Porphyry Cobbles 6
Porphyry Cobbles 4
Porphyry Cobbles 5
Porphyry Cobbles 8
Porphyry Cobbles 7
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  • Extremely Hardwearing
  • Low Maintenance
  • Contemporary colour range
  • Timeless appeal
  • Salt Safe
  • Slip Safe
  • Excellent for driveways and high traffic areas
  • Matching stone paving allows for design continuity
  • Unique natural texture
  • Large stock levels
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