POOL COPING TILES & PAVERSThe finishing touch to a pool’s design is the coping. Pool coping pavers cover the edges of a swimming pool and are an important aesthetic to the overall look of your swimming pool. Compliance to Australian Standards for salt attack and slip resistance, as well as exceeding breaking load and abrasion resistance standards are pre-requisites to look for when choosing a pool coping material.  Available in many different varieties of natural stone, such as sandstone, granite, and bluestone, these pavers require little maintenance, are hard wearing and are available in a broad range of colours and patterns.

Bluestone Pool Coping

Bluestone is a popular choice for pool coping in Melbourne. This is because it offers a natural, smooth surface finish to a pool’s edges while its stunning visual properties make it ideal for contemporary landscaping designs.  Bluestone pool coping tiles are also affordable and can be customized in a variety of shapes, textures and designs to meet the particular size and shape of your pool.

Granite Pool Coping

Durable, smooth and beautifully textured, granite is a natural stone that’s ideal for pool coping thanks to its incredible density and durability coupled with its aesthetic appeal. When used to create pool coping tiles and pavers, it also offers a non-slip surface which enhances safety whilst complementing a wide variety of landscape colours and designs.

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