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Taking a Look at Some of the Most Popular Types of Paving

At Better Exteriors, we find there are certain types of paving that keep flying off the shelves day after day, and there’s a reason for that – it’s because these kinds of paving are classics, suitable for a wide range of designs and projects. They’re often beautiful (bluestone, granite), sometimes opulent (marble), and usually versatile (limestone). Read on to find out more about our most popular paving options.


Bluestone is extremely resistant to wear and tear as a result of it being formed over millions of years from the fires of volcanoes. It can be used for a number of purposes both externally and internally due to being so hardwearing and low maintenance. The attractive tones of bluestone create a neutral palette that is applicable to a variety of designs. Bluestone also features a slip resistant surface, can be customised for a range of styles, and is quite economical.


Granite is known as an igneous stone with an unusual look and the quality of great hardness. The texture is an idiosyncratic web of feldspar, mica and quartz. Granite pavers and tiles are ideal for outdoor use due to the material’s resistance to fading and abrasion, extreme strength and consistent look between pavers. Granite is suited to a myriad of design decisions due to the range of colours available. Granite is additionally slip safe, low maintenance and affordable. It’s an excellent choice for a hardwearing paver.


Limestone comes in a wide range of contemporary colours to suit almost any paving need. In addition, you can choose to have flowing paving from indoors to outdoors to create continuity between entertainment spaces in your home or business. Limestone offers high strength coupled with coolness underfoot, which can be helpful in certain applications both indoors and outdoors. Limestone is simple to clean, and doesn’t fade in the sun or become worn from outdoor elements. The colours available offer a breath of fresh air to any landscaping or architectural project.


Marble is a natural stone associated with abundance and beauty. It’s made from limestone recrystallised in the Earth’s crust, which creates large particles of calcite. Marble is perfect for a luxurious look, yet still offers strength and durability. Marble is easy to maintain, is soft in hue, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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