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Stain Protector

Chemforce Premium Impregnating Sealer

Premium impregnating sealer world-leading protection for stone and other porous surfaces.

  • For natural stone, brick, concrete, terracotta & grout
  • For indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Breathable, permanent bonding
  • Silane-based impregnator
  • Keeps surfaces looking good
  • Makes cleaning & maintenance easier
  • Superior, long-lasting protection against staining, efflorescence, salt / freeze-thaw spalling, picture framing

Suitable Surfaces: Natural stone, porous tile, brick, concrete, terracotta, grout

Available sizes: 1L (1.06Q); 5L (1.3 gallon), 20L (5.3 gallon)
Stock sizes: 5L (1.3 gallon), 20L (5.3 gallon)

Fortifier Plus

Chemforce Fortifier Plus Sealer

Impregnating, permanent consolidator and water repellent. Premium protection from salt spalling & freeze-thaw spalling.

  • Superior protection against water ingress
  • Saltwater / freeze thaw spalling
  • Deep impregnation
  • Permanent chemical bonding
  • Retains natural look of surface
  • Breathable, non-film forming

Suitable Surfaces: Porous building materials, including high porosity natural stone which are exposed to saltwater and vertical & horizontal stone and masonry.

Available sizes: 5L (1.3 gallon), 20L (5.3 gallon)
Stock sizes: 5L (1.3 gallon), 20L (5.3 gallon)

Ted Tm

Chemforce Ted Efflorescence Destroyer

  • Contains 50 to 60% Urea Hydrochloride.
  • Powerful but much lower fuming than hydrochloric acid.
  • Effectively removes mineral residues, including efflorescence, grout haze, rust marks, soap scum, limescale, mortar mess.
  • Acidic Cleaner can also be used for removing fireplace soot.
  • Temporary contact does not immediately burn skin – you have some time to rinse off the Acidic Cleaner (however, rinse immediately after skin contact).
  • Almost no corrosion of metals, except aluminium.

Available sizes: 1L (1.06Q); 5L (1.3G); 20L (5.3G)
Stock sizes: 5L (1.3 gallon), 20L (5.3 gallon)

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